Purpose Concepts is a brand styling studio that creates beautiful cohesive branding materials for visionary purposepreneurs.

New brands are being birthed every day, which is AMAZING, but the ones that will last, are the one's that have purpose. If you're here, then I know for a fact that you have real vision, a purpose that the world needs. You know how dope it is, so let's get serious about it!


Purpose Concepts was created for people like you! People that want to build a reputable business that compels, converts, and lasts a lifetime. And to do that we have to go way deeper than just making a pretty logo…We must focus on fusing together your unique gift, with the unique need of your audience. 


In 2016 I founded a natural hair care line, Tru Def Naturals. I remember feeling so passionate about my mission to encourage women. And, I wanted my future customers to feel that passion as well. I obsessed over every aspect of building the brand. I wanted it to be perfect.  But,  with no money, I was pushed to put my very limited knowledge and skills about branding to the test and create the vision I saw in my mind.


I had no idea what I was doing most days, I just knew how I wanted the brand to feel. So, using what I had (Microsoft Publisher, Word, & Pixlr - don't judge me, I didn't know any better lol) I jumped in and made a logo, website, newsletter, product labels, thank you cards, business cards, social media posts, and more. The process brought me so much joy! When I launched the business, so many people were impressed by the branding. Honestly, I was too! Not only did it look amazing, it told a story and had it's own unique voice. With only one very basic graphic design course, I'd taken in college (which I totally struggled through) I truly had no prior skill for design, yet creating these materials seemed to just flow through me effortlessly. 

People started to reach out to me, offering to pay me to create branding materials for their businesses and events. When we would chat about their vision, I would come to life, dreaming and brainstorming endless ways for them to share their mission with the world. 


In 2018 God spoke to me, and told me He would be entrusting me with the visions of His people, and gave me the name "Purpose Concepts" for my business. That year, I worked with over 15 organizations, including the Ladies Of Vision Ministry. There I created my first social media campaign for their annual Wive's Unite Conference which helped increased attendance by 75%!


 I have always been passionate about encouraging others to find and operate in their purpose. And with Purpose Concepts, I get to do this everyday, by helping visionaries like you, define, launch, and grow their own purpose-filled brands. 



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OMG Purpose Concepts created my brand logo and a flyer for one of my events. I took her through the ringer because I am very complicated and can not make a decision to save my life - Purpose Concepts was patient and VERY understanding of my brand and visions. I love Purpose Concepts, and my brand would not be what is it without them!!!!

-Shae | Beautiful Wishes Events


Purpose Concepts is amazing! I love how all I have to do is bring the vision & Lexie turns it into a beautiful tangible marketing tool! I have been able to have logos, flyers, book covers & so much more created ...& they all truly were done perfectly!
Each vision I have has has come to fruition because of Purpose Concepts & I am forever grateful!
Can’t wait to see my next project !

-Sara Monique | Ladies Of Vision Ministry


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