What's Your Brand's


There are 12 unique brand personalities. Where does your brand fit in?


Did you know that your brand has it's own unique personality, just like you and I do? We see these personas portrayed in movies and literature as archetypes. An archetype is simply defined as a very typical example of a certain person or thing. The concept of archetypes was created by Carl Jung who suggested they were inborn tendencies that play a role in influencing human behavior.

In the branding world, these archetypes are critical in helping personify brands to connect them with their audiences on an emotional level. 

The BEST most successful brands understand and identify with ONE archetype, and incorporate the person into their messaging, creating a memorable and long lasting brand. 


The Best Friend

Your Purpose:

Bringing community, reliability, trust and comfort to a mass market.

Ikea, Levi, Barak Obama, Target

The Caregiver

Your Purpose:

Making people feel safe, fostering trust, generating public support for the socially-minded service they provide

Subaru, Johnson & Johnson, Toms, Gandhi

The Creator

Your Purpose:

Inspiring creativity, and innovation. Creating an authentic brand story, fusing technology and artistry.

Apple, Adobe, Lego, Cannon, Martha Stewart, Kanye West

The Innocent

Your Purpose:

Spreading purity, simplicity, and happiness in a cynical world.

Coca Cola, Dove, Honest Co. Aveeno, Halle Bailey, Dory

The Magician

Your Purpose:

To turn problems into solutions, and make dreams come true!

Disney, Dyson, Lululemon

The Scholar

Your Purpose:

Illuminating the world through knowledge-sharing, earning respect through intellectualism.

TED, Forbes, Harvard, Google, Oprah

The Boss

Your Purpose:

Fostering stability, structure, and power. Creating high-quality products that lead the way.

Rolls Royce, Beyonce, Rolex, Gucci

The Class Clown

Your Purpose:

Helping people see the lighter side of life, spreading creativity through joy.

Taco Bell, Skittles, Jim Carey, Nicki Minaj, Ellen

The Hero

Your Purpose:

Inspiring courage and achievement by overcoming adversity.

Nike, The Army, FedEx, Michael Jordan

The Lover Girl

Your Purpose:

Connecting people emotionally, providing sensuous experiences, making people – and life – more special.

Victoria's Secret, Kim Kardashian, Chanel, Marylin Monroe, Godiva Chocolate, Tinder

The Rebel

Your Purpose:

Disrupting existing structures, promoting brand loyalty.

Rihanna, Harley Davidson, President Donald Trump

The Wanderer

Your Purpose:

To promote the desire for adventure and the freedom of exploring the unknown.

Nasa, Starbucks, Jeep, NorthFace