• Lexie

What Bothers You?

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Hey Purposepreneurs! Have you ever had a problem figuring out what your purpose is?

Ask yourself this question, "What bothers me"?

I truly believe we all have a purpose, a BIG one, just waiting to be uncovered. The hard part is trying to figure out just what yours is. So I want to ask you this, what’s bothering you? We usually search for purpose in the things we love, but those things that irk you, are sometimes what really matter. There is a reason why it gets under YOUR skin, why no one else but YOU seems to care about it. It’s because YOU’RE THE ONE called to change it!

What things can you do right now in your life or in your business to create change regarding the issues that bother you in your industry,

community, family, etc?

I hope this helps you move closer to your purpose!

-Lexie Ellis

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