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What's Your Brand's Purpose Personality?

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Did you know that your brand has it's own unique personality, just like you and I do? We see these personas portrayed in movies and literature as archetypes. An archetype is simply defined as a very typical example of a certain person or thing. The concept of archetypes was created by Carl Jung who suggested they were inborn tendencies that play a role in influencing human behavior.

In the branding world, these archetypes are critical in helping personify brands to connect them with their audiences on an emotional level.

The BEST most successful brands understand and identify with ONE archetype, and incorporate the person into their messaging, creating a memorable and long lasting brand. Here's a quick break down of the 12 personas.

The Innocent

Purpose: To be happy and spread happiness and simplicity

Best Qualities: Strives to be good, is pure, young, optimistic, simple, moral, romantic, loyal

Example: Dove, Coca-Cola, Aveeno, Colby Calait, Honest Co., Whole Foods

A representation of the Innocent Personality

The Best Friend

Purpose: To belong and connect Best Qualities: Down to earth, supportive, faithful, humble, girl next door Example: Jc Penny, Home Depot, Ikea, Barak Obama's Presidential Brand

The Hero

Purpose: To encourage improvement Best Qualities: Motivational, full of courage, bold, honorable, strong, confident, inspirational Example: Nike, FedEx, Michael Jordan

The Rebel

Purpose: To fight against the powers that be Best Qualities: Rebellious, wild, change maker Example: Harley-Davidson, Rihanna, Donald Trump's Presidential Brand

The Wanderer

Purpose: To evoke adventure and freedom Best Qualities: Super adventurous, ambitious, individualistic, independent, pioneering Example: Indiana Jones, Jeep, Red Bull, Starbucks

The Creator

Purpose: To create something with meaning and value Best Qualities: Creative, innovative, imaginative, artistic, inventive, entrepreneur, non-conformist Example: Crayola, Instagram, Kanye West

A representation of the Boss Personality

The Boss

Purpose: To create order from chaos and establish control Best Qualities: Leader, high quality, responsible, organized, role model, administrator Example: Mercedes-Benz, Beyonce, Rolex

The Magician

Purpose: To transform lives Best Qualities: Makes dreams come true, visionary, charismatic, imaginative, idealistic, spiritual Example: Disney, Dyson, Tony Robbins

The Lover Girl

Purpose: To create intimacy and love Best Qualities: Passionate, sensual, intimate, romantic, warm, committed, idealistic Example: Victoria’s Secret, Godiva Chocolate, Marie Claire, Kim Kardashian

The Caregiver

Purpose: To serve, care for, and keep others safe Best Qualities: Caring, maternal, nurturing, selfless, generous, compassionate Example: Campbell’s Soup, Johnson & Johnson, Subaru

The Class Clown

Purpose: To bring joy and playfulness to the world Best Qualities: Fun, sense of humor, light-hearted, mischievous, irreverent Example: Taco Bell, Nicki Minaj, M&M's, Jim Carey

The Scholar

Purpose: To help the world gain wisdom and insight Best Qualities: A trusted source or knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, thoughtful, analytical, mentor, guru, advisor Example: BBC, PBS, Google, TED

Curious to find out where your brand fit's in? No worries! I've got a more detailed description of each type here.

Now What?

Ready to put your brand's new purpose persona to the test? Let's set up a time to chat about how we can start connected you to your ideal audience based on your persona.

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