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I am beyond excited to get the opportunity to work with you and your company. I aim to give you a quality product, to

help define a strong and lasting brand for you, that is full of PURPOSE! If you have any questions, feel free to contact

me at

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By signing this document you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions listed.

This is a legally binding agreement between the following parties:

_____________, Thereafter referred to as the Client, you, your, receiving party, and

Purpose Concepts Brand Styling Co., hereafter referred to as the Designer, I, my, me.

This contract serves as a means to initiate work and the creation of intellectual property for the Client.


All work created,

regardless of licensing or exclusivity can/will be posted and used in my physical and online portfolios. Before work begins, this contract must be reviewed, signed/e-signed. A signed/e-signed copy must be submitted electronically via email to If a signed copy of the agreement is not submitted within 2 business days of receipt of the document, this agreement will be made null and void.

To Sign: Simply type your name at the bottom of the page.



I will send an invoice requesting the required amount for payment via email to the preferred contact person’s email.


There will always be an invoice first, then payment, then work begins. There is a 2.9% charge added to the balance for

taxes and fees.




We will follow the timeline outlined in your original proposal. The given timeline is an estimate, and is subject to change. If there are delays I will let you know within 24 hrs of the agreed upon timetable/deadline. All graphic work is intended to be completed within the given timeline not including weekends and Federal and State (MO.) Holidays. Emergencies allow for a 48 hour extension for the time table. Only one Emergency extension allowed

throughout the design process. Each timeline allows for 2 proofs each with a maximum of 5 days between them. Some projects are completed much sooner. If the Proofs are completed ahead of schedule, the client must still provide feedback within 48 hrs of Proof upload. Clients are allowed one 72 hr delay to reply with feedback. After that, the project will be dropped and no funds will be returned.


As the Client, you are expected to respond to each proof updated/uploaded within 48 HRS. Failure to respond to uploads will result in a delayed completion date and potentially incurring fees for additional proofs. Once notified via text, call, or email, you will provide the proper feedback necessary to further the progression of the project.



As the Client, you are expected to engage with the design process. Providing samples and references is not required but greatly appreciated and can result a getting an even faster turnaround on your project. Let’s help each other make the best design possible for your brand. Please be polite to me. I promise I will be to you! Maintaining

proper decorum and tone is vital to maintaining a healthy, cordial, and productive design experience. If something concerns you about the process, please bring it to my attention immediately. I want your experience with Purpose Concepts to be a pleasant and exciting one!

Cooperating with the design process by being as specific and detailed as possible with what you’re looking for is also EXTREMELY helpful. Not doing so usually results in an underwhelming outcome for no other reason than me created an incredibly strong and beautiful design that you don’t even want. To avoid that situation all together please be aware and willing to guide me in the direction you want for you design.



Before we begin our project, I will send you items that I need to complete the project. Please take this seriously and really take time to sit down and complete it. Doing so will assure the project is completed accurately and on time.



Sending samples of work you are inspired by is totally fine. However, I WILL NOT copy another designers work. If you present me with designs from another brand/designer and ask me to copy them, your project may be terminated. Use them as a point of reference to create your own unique content.


Please refer to your proposal for pricing. By signing this document you agree to the agreed upon price listed in your original proposal sent by Purpose Concepts. 


Once payment has been collected, the Designer will then provide:

•Your Client Portal password

•Web Page can be found under Client Portal tab on my website:

1. Go to

2. In main menu bar, Client Portal

3. Next, a window prompts you for a password – Enter Password

IF you’ve scheduled a photo shoot, you will also be sent a link to schedule a call to go over the theme for you photoshoot.

The first day of our project, I will spend brainstorming and drafting ideas for you project. You will receive a draft within 5 days. Once you choose your draft and submit revisions, please allow 48 hours for your revisions to be posted in your

portal. Upon completion of your project, all pdf and ai files will be emailed to you.


Statement of Work

This Statement of Work (the “SOW”), along with the Terms and Conditions, make up the service agreement (the “Agreement”). Offer Availability. The terms and prices offered in the Statement of Work will be available to you for 30 days.


Professional Standard. Designer will provide the services identified in the Statement of Work. Designer will provide these services in a professional manner, and in accordance with applicable professional standards.

Deliverables. Designer will provide its Deliverables to the Client in professional design formats. These formats may include Adobe Creative Suite files such as Photoshop (.psd) and Indesign (.indd). The Client understands that it may need particular software and expertise to utilize the deliverables. If the Client would like its deliverables in a specific

file format, the Client must request to have the format included in the Statement of Work.

Change Request

A "Change Request" is any request for work outside the scope of the Statement of Work.

If such a request is made, the Designer will notify the Client that it is a Change Request. If the Client still wants to

proceed with the Change Request, the Designer will bill the work on a time and materials basis, at the Designer’s standard hourly rate of $100/hr. The Designer may also extend its delivery schedule.If the Change Request alters the scope of the project by more than 20%, the Designer may submit a new proposal to the Client.


Invoice. The Designer will invoice the Client according to the Statement of Work. Client shall pay all invoices within 15

days of receipt.


If applicable, In addition to Designer’s fees, the Client will be invoiced for Designer’s expenses. Designer’s travel and lodging expenses will be invoiced to the Client without markup. Meal expenses will not be invoiced to the Client at all. Other Expenses incurred by the Designer in performing services to the Client will be invoiced to Client at Designer’s

standard mark-up of 20%. Other Expenses include, without limitation, postage, shipping, models, presentation materials, photocopies, equipment rental, photographer’s costs and fees, photography and/or artwork licenses, prototype production

costs, talent fees, music licenses, software licenses, online access, Software as a Service, and hosting fees.


Client is responsible for paying all applicable taxes, including sales, use and value added taxes.

Late Payment. Overdue balances may be charged a monthly service fee of 1.5% (or the greatest amount allowed by law).

Timeframe. The Designer will use commercially reasonable efforts to perform the Services within the schedule outlined in the

Statement of Work. Designer’s delivery timeframe depends upon the Client’s prompt response to any questions or requests

for Client materials.

Designer Agents. The Designer may hire third party designers or service providers (“Design Agents”) as independent

contractors. The Designer is responsible for Design Agents’ compliance with this Agreement.

Client Responsibilities. Client must promptly: (a) coordinate any decision-making activities with 3rd parties; (b) provide Client Content in a form suitable for reproduction or incorporation into the Deliverables; and (c) proofread deliverables. Client Rights in Deliverables.

IP Assignment. Upon completion of the Services and full payment of all invoices, the Designer shall assign IP rights to the Client. These IP rights include all ownership rights, including any copyrights, in any artwork, designs and software created by the Designer and incorporated into a Final Deliverable, except as otherwise noted in this Agreement.

Designer Rights in Deliverables.

Preliminary Works. Designer retains the rights to all Preliminary Works that are not incorporated into a Final Deliverable.

Designer Portfolio. Designer may display the Deliverables in the Designer’s portfolios and websites, and in galleries, design

periodicals and other exhibits for the purposes of professional recognition. Likewise, the Designer may publicly describe its

role in the Project.


If the Designer incorporates credits into the Deliverables, any use of the Deliverables shall continue to bear the credits in the same form, size and location. Designer credits will not be incorporated into any logo designed for

the Client.


Discretionary Termination, Upon Notice. Either party may terminate this agreement in its business discretion upon sufficient advance notice. The amount of notice required is 1/4 of the estimated project duration. For example, if the Statement of Work estimates the services will take 80 days from kick-off to final delivery, advance notice of at least 20 days will be sufficient for discretionary termination.

Discretionary Termination by Client.

IF: Client uses this discretionary termination provision, THEN: Designer will retain

all payments already made as of the notification date, and Client shall pay Designer (a) for all expenses incurred as of the date of notification of termination, (b) an early termination fee equal to 25% of the total project fee, and (c) No IP rights will be transferred.

What it Means:

If Client ends the project, he has to pay a 25% termination fee. The Designer keeps the IP rights.

If Negotiated: You can change this at your business discretion. But think about how you would react if a client took

your half-finished product and used another designer to finish it.

Discretionary Termination by Designer. IF: Designer uses this discretionary termination provision, THEN: (a) Designer

will retain (or, if not paid in advance, will be due) all costs already incurred and a prorated portion of the fees for

services performed up to the termination date, (b) Designer will assist Client in transferring the project to a new

designer, and (c) Designer will assign sufficient IP rights to Client to allow Client to continue the project.

Termination for Bankruptcy.

Subject to any restrictions imposed by law, either party may immediately terminate this

Agreement, if the other party either: (1) ceases to do business in the normal course; (2) becomes insolvent; (3) admits in writing its inability to meet its debts or other obligations as they become due; (4) makes a general assignment for

the benefit of creditors; (5) has a receiver appointed for its business or assets; (6) files a voluntary petition for protection under the bankruptcy laws; (7) becomes the subject of an involuntary petition under the bankruptcy laws that is not dismissed within 60 days.

Termination for Breach. If a material breach of this Agreement is not cured within 10 business days after a party’s receiving

notice of the breach, then the non-breaching party may terminate this Agreement immediately upon notice.Termination Procedure. Upon expiration or termination of this Agreement: (a) each party shall return (or, at the disclosing

party’s request, destroy) the Confidential Information of the other party, and (b) other than as expressly provided in this

Agreement, all rights and obligations of each party under this Agreement, exclusive of the Services, shall survive.

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