The Best Friend

Bringing community, reliability, trust and comfort to a mass market.

Who Is She?

"Underneath all the skin, we are all the same." - Steve Guttenberg

Relatable, wholesome, comfortable. The Best Friend values hard work, common sense, reliability and authenticity.

They want to appeal to a mass market and so disregard the trappings of luxury. For the Best Friend, practicality wins over pretence. Think Ford instead of Ferrari, Gap instead of Gucci.

Symbolically, the Best Friend allies themselves to families and multiple cultures, appealing to those who sit below the luxury threshold and who, as the brand might describe it, better understand the value of money.

Her Core Desire Is:

Her Brand Voice is Always...

Humble, Friendly, Approachable, Down-to-earth, Reliable, Relatable, Inclusive

Example Brands Are...

Ikea, Levi, Barak Obama, Target

Her Brand Connection Strategy

How She Connects With Women of the Same Persona

To appeal to a Best Friend Customer you need to make them feel a sense of belonging. Brands that revolve around everyday activities might use this archetype with the message that it’s ok to be normal.Home or family life brands fit this persona perfectly while elitist positioning or “we’re better” messaging would be a turn-off. Appealing to an Best Friend requires honest, humble, friendly and down to earth communication that doesn’t exclude.

Not Sure if this One Fits? 

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