The Boss

Fostering stability, structure, and power. Creating high-quality products that lead the way.

Who Is She?

"Power isn't everything, it's the only thing." - Mario Puzo

Boss brands are known for speaking authoritatively and often spreading the idea that they are the leaders in their field. They are the head, the role model, infused with a sense of wealth and success. Seen as ‘masculine’, bosses will be solid and polished to their consumers. The Boss seeks to eliminate uncertainty by taking control. They like to follow rules but, even better, they like to make them. They are leaders, and leaders need followers, after all.

Her Core Desire Is:

Her Brand Voice is Always...

Refined, Articulate, Commanding, High Quality, Organized, Confident

Example Brands Are...

Rolls Royce, Beyonce, Rolex, Gucci

Her Brand Connection Strategy

How She Connects With Women of the Same Persona

To appeal to a Boss you must re-affirm their sense of power, control and respect. Bosses want to feel a sense of superiority. That they are part of an exclusive V.I.P. club. Appealing to the masses will not get the Bosses attention and would more likely turn them off. Boss brands must provide their customers with a sense re-affirmation that they are at the top of the ladder of success and are part of an exclusive society.

Not Sure if this One Fits? 

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