The Creator

Inspiring creativity, and innovation. Creating an authentic brand story, fusing technology and artistry.

Who Is She?

"Everything you can imagine is real." Picasso

The Creator has a vision, a way they feel the world should be, and they want to create an enduring product that turns that vision into reality. Creators crave authenticity, innovation and freedom of expression to make sense of the world around them, and use creativity and technology to enable creativity in others.

Her Core Desire Is:

Her Brand Voice is Always...

Creative, Visionary, Inspirational, Daring, Authentic, Self Expressive, Imaginative

Example Brands Are...

Apple, Adobe, Lego, Cannon, Martha Stewart, Kanye West

Her Brand Connection Strategy

How She Connects With Women of the Same Persona

To appeal to a Creator you must celebrate the creative process while inspiring self-expression. Brands that provide the means or tools to express themselves creatively with freedom of choices would be well positioned with the Creator Archetype. Their communication should stir the desire for the creative process and inspire their customers to express their nature to the best of their ability. Creator brands leverage their audiences’ imagination and their desire to create and innovate.

Not Sure if this One Fits? 

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