The Innocent

Spreading purity, simplicity, and happiness in a cynical world.

Who Is She?

"Don't worry, be happy." - Bob Marley

The promise of the Innocent brand archetype is one of simplicity bordering on naivety. The Innocent looks at the world through the lens of a child, seeing wonder, fun and happiness at every turn, and hoping to pass that good feeling on through their work.

Not usually ones for innovation, Innocent brands rely instead on the simplicity of their product (organic food, baby soaps) or through childlike communications (Coca Cola).

Her Core Desire Is:

Her Brand Voice is Always...

Optimistic, Honest, Wholesome, Pure, Youthful

Example Brands Are...

Coca Cola, Dove, Honest Co. Aveeno, Halle Bailey, Dory

Her Brand Connection Strategy

How She Connects With Women of the Same Persona

To appeal to an Innocent, you need to earn their trust with simple, honest and most importantly, positive communication. Negative or guilt based communication is a complete turnoff. They need to associate your brand with safety and will feel a connection when their inner beauty is recognised.

Not Sure if this One Fits? 

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