The Wanderer

To promote the desire for adventure and the freedom of exploring the unknown.

Who Is She?

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu

Independent thinkers, forging new paths to find purpose in life – and to change it in the process. They are often individualistic in outlook but their clear, strong vision inspires others to join them.

Wanderers seek freedom and joy through discovery, often eschewing rules and conformism as a result. This means they’re defined more by their trailblazing philosophy than by the industry in which they work, so that a Wanderer brand archetype may be defined by decentralising and democratising its internal structures.

Her Core Desire Is:

Her Brand Voice is Always...

Exciting, Freedom Seeking, Individualistic, Daring

Example Brands Are...

Nasa, Starbucks, Jeep, NorthFace

Her Brand Connection Strategy

How She Connects With Women of the Same Persona

To appeal to a Wanderer, you need to challenge them. Challenging the confines of modern life will also allow you to resonate with them quickly. You should promote the outdoors and the unknown as the land of the free and challenge them to explore it, with your brand of course. Modern society is the common enemy in which many wanderers live. A stand against such conforms can go a long way to resonating with the wanderer and evoking their desires.

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